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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Shamania Festival Workshops


On Saturday 2nd August:  I can do two workshops, one at around 2pm and one later in the evening, at around 9-10pm just as it's getting dark, so each person can have a go with the LED hoop, while the others are still normal hooping.
On Sunday 3rd August:  I'll run a morning workshop at around 11am.
Hula Hooping Gemma

Derw Robertson Jacobs is one of 3 contact jugglers who plan to go around as many festivals as possible in summer 2008. They all have previous experience  performing at festivals; last summer they performed at Antiworld, Bloom Festival and Sheep Music
This year they want to take it a step further, they are keen to put on workshops, teaching this incredible form of juggling; as well mingling with the crowds and performing on the stages.
Contact Crew

I’m a qualified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, teaching Hatha Yoga. I come at it from a more spiritual perspective, incorporating guided meditations, visualizations and chakra work.
On Saturday and Sunday, I will do a lunchtime class lasting 1 and half hours, which will be suitable for all levels and all ages. The classes will include sun salutations, some key asana work, shoulderstand sequence, some pranayama work (working with breathing techniques); this will be followed by a chakra cleansing, guided meditation after the Saturday class and a grounding visualisation after the Sunday class.

Crystal Dazzling Yoga

Crystal Dazzling Yoga

Discussing the basic principles of biodiesel, and its production; including a demonstration of a 1L test batch in a blender. aAso includes information on building a full scale 100-200L processor, with full DIY parts list and assembly instructions, to hand out.

An introduction to using the Tarot with your intuition for your self-development.
The workshop will run for approximately 3 hours, and will begin with a relaxation after the introduction.
Looking at the journey of the Fool through the major arcana.

Participants will be given a chance to do their own little reading for themselves,  using what they see in the cards to guide it. I will give out a handout with a few key words only to help. It is not intended to be some heavy session or a teaching session, so to keep it light hearted, it will be visual throughout, no books.

The session will close with another quick relaxation, Afterwards there will be time for participants to exchange experiences. I also have plenty of easy going oracle cards; so people can pull one out as a little, light hearted message to end the session. We will give free 10 min taster readings to those who have been on the workshop. We will get round this by giving them a token and making slots available throughout the festival only for these readings.

We where thinking of doing 2 workshops if possible depending on demand, there would also have to be limited space, about 10 people per session.

Kundalini Yoga is known as the "Yoga of Awareness" combining breathing, rhythmic movement, chanting, meditation, stretching, and relaxation, to work on every aspect of your body, mind, and being. It works primarily by facilitating the flow of energy through the body, in particular along the spinal energy channels through the chakras. This one and a half hour class will include tuning in, warming up, a complete kundalini yoga set and an active meditation. The class will take place on Saturday 2nd August at 11am.

Make your own beautiful hanging lanterns or decorative flowers from soaked willow, using traditional basketmaking techniques and tools, in these workshops suitable for beginners. There will be 4 hour willow workshop sessions,  making willow lanterns and flowers on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


Learning to See Again
Enter the world of shamans, mystics, seers and visionaries: perceiving the self and world as living energy.  This perception was natural to us all at birth but we lost it as we grew in the world, at this event you will learn powerful techniques of how to undo this and work towards SEE'ing the world again, instead of just 'looking' at it.

Secrets of Sound
The recent hunger for symbol-cracking and code-breaking is a natural urge, only we are looking at the wrong codes, the wrong symbols, if we truly want to set ourselves free. The only codes and symbols which can truly enlighten and liberate us are not those buried on a lost tablet 5000 years ago, but the ones which surround us every day, then ones which we use.  These are the geometric shapes and sounds we call ‘language’ and the power to trap and contain the mind and soul, or liberate it, lie equally locked within them.  With the Secrets of Sound we delve into the subconscious secrets of language and uncover some amazing hidden keys which have been 'magically left' for us.  This class is simply revelatory!

The Lost Word
The Lost Word is the highest secret of freemasonry and judaism - it is reputed to have been 'lost' long ago through the practice of 'not writing it down', here, for the first time in over a thousand years, the Lost Word is revealed for everyone to use and understand, as it was always intended.

This Word is the oldest and first name for what is now called ‘God’ that our species has.  It belongs to all humanity and it requires no translation because it is not a ‘word’ in any language.  This Word was reputed to contain the power to liberate all and much more besides.  Even the hints are a mere shadow compared to the potential reality.  Open your mind, open your heart, and prepare to find out what ‘In the Beginning Was The Word’ actually means. Are you ready for The Word?



Andrea McCool, modern day mystic began her quest of truth and alternative being in her early teens,  “the punk revolution proved that rules can and should be broken . The late 70’s punk helped heal the racial tension in Britain, and that took a lot of love.” explains Andrea. In  1987  Andrea travelled to Italy where she met up with Charlie an Alchemist; and was introduced  to the magic of healing; and phenomena such as ESP, magnetism  and energy projection. “Charlie taught me that  healing was an art form (creative energy channelled) magic! ”.

On returning to England in the mid 90’s, Andrea continued the study of the healing arts and was introduced to the crystal bowls, she continued healing and started playing. In 2000, she founded Sonic Meditation and began to give talks,  head workshops and perform at festivals. 2004 saw the release of ‘Detox’, a CD which sold out in a year. A recognized teacher of the crystal bowls claims that this is  Andrea’s calling . She concludes by adding, “Healing is an art and art is love, and love is magic otherwise it is all science,  for me.” She states, “It’s all about love!”


Introduction to the crystal bowls and sonic meditation  (1 hour  30 mins)

The workshop will start with the basic science behind the bowls and their use in holistic medicines, such as sound healing, creating gem elixirs and preparing herbal remedies.
Creative visualisation and sound interactive exercise to reduce stress. Chakra balancing  Playing certain bowls can relax certain energy centres i.e. the C bowl when played acts directly on the base chakra
Hands on; opportunity to play a bowl and ask questions.
As this is the first workshop at this venue on the crystal bowls . Time and space are of the essence, I have simplified the workshop to be interesting, and open to all.


LOVE WORKSHOP – Sylvie & Mary  (2 hours)

Power Inspiration and Healing. The theme of our workshop is Love. Love pure and simple, love all encompassing, love sweet love, true and absolute love; the great healer. This workshop takes you on a simple journey of self-awareness, and is designed to enhance and raise your vibrations and consciousness; through love. The workshop comprises of guided visualisations and meditations; opening the heart chakra; affirmations; simple self-healing techniques and self- love awareness. Light refreshments included.