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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Shamania Festival


The Shamania Festival 2008 is now over, news of the 2009 festival can be found on our home page


Sustainability - How Our Future Belongs in the Stars

This talk will be highly provocative but based on my objective evaluation of current practice, to meet development, that will ultimately keep us sustainable. I will argue that we are not sustainable if we try to limit ourselves to a "one planet economy". I will also argue there is a plentiful supply of clean energy - enough for at least ten thousand years - but will require major cooperation between us all to achieve it. In short, we need to aim for the stars. This, I believe, complements a fantastic talk I saw at Shamania last year (Sunday) where someone gave a talk on human evolution......I'd love to know his name (2pm last year?).



The Mystery of Thornborough Henge

Thornborough Henge is a 5000 year old Stone Age monument, consisting of 3 enormous circular earthworks; which cover over a mile in length. The layout of the 3 Henges, resemble the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt. 5000 years ago at the Winter Solstice,  would have aligned with these stars when viewed in the direction of the mid-winter sunset.


LEE CARLIN – Master Hypnotist

Journeys to Other Dimensions

Are you capable of Astral Projection, Remote Viewing or Out Of Body Experiences. Find out more about your Extra-senory abilities.



Guided Walk around the ancient sites of Pendle

Paul is the author of ‘The Sacred Stones of Elmet’ published by Capall Bann.
Join him, for a specially researched walk, around the ancient and sacred sites of the locality;  famous for the Pendle Witches, in the early 17th Century.
Assemble in the Healing Area at noon, on Sat. 2nd  August.  Bring suitable clothing and footwear!



Divided Unity
This is a talk on the nature of divinity, evolution and the current world crises.  There is much talk of unity in the world, but human behaviour shows we are not ready for this yet – there are too many differences, too many disagreements.  Forcing unity upon unready people does not work: but there is a middle ground between division, our current status, and unity, the desired goal.  This is the state of divided unity and the map to understanding how it works, both in humanity and in the universe, is clearly mapped in the very makeup of the human body.  This event takes the maxims ‘Man is the Microcosm of the Macrocosm’ and ‘As Above, So Below’ to new levels where we can gain an acceptance, tolerance and understanding about the current world situation, while also learning what we can really do about it as individuals.

Being and Coming : Genders of the Soul 
How often do you hear you are to ‘just be’, or ‘be your self’?  This sounds great, but in reality it is not enough – you do not ‘be’ your self, you ‘be-come’ it.  Being is the feminine principle and ‘Coming’ is the masculine, and in understanding the flow of these two qualities lies hid the secrets of relationships, communication and community. 

Society has tried to gloss over gender due to political sensitivity in the last century, these days, divorce rates are at an all time high, marriage is in decline, and community is something which only exists only in a few strongholds around the country.  Our relationships with each other, both intimate and social, have fallen apart in the post WW2 era.  This event explores how our avoidance of gender awareness and gender understanding are the cause.  

Even more, the entire path of soul unfoldment and growth can be charted through the interplay of these energies in our lives.  In this event, you will learn the keys to these hidden the symbolic union of male and female. 

Learn how to approach all your relationships positively and how to see what is being asked of you by the behaviours of your partner, kids, friends and colleagues. Understand, heal and develop your relationships like never before with Gender Awareness. Suitable only for adults.

Beings of Light, eh? :- Easy and Intelligent Enlightenment
A talk on energy, light, and all things woolly and nebulous.  How often do you hear ‘we are all beings of light/energy’?  That’s all well and good, but why are we all not sitting there saying ‘Ah, Beatrice, I can clearly see you are a shining being of light’ and ‘Oooh, Polly, your energy field is resplendent today!’? This talk brings practical science and down-to-earth explanation to the new age, dispelling many myths regarding 'light' 'energy' and 'enlightenment'. This event makes each a simple, accessible and easy-to-understand subject for all – even scientists!

Corporate Animals - Taming the Beasts
Something happened.  Something went wrong.  Good people once set up ‘entities’ which we call ‘companies’ which once sought to serve us.  Then something happened. A critical mass occurred and, all of a sudden, these ‘companies’ stopped behaving like people, and stopped looking after people, and stopped serving people, and instead turned the tables on us – now we serve them, they don’t care about us or our environment and they are literally taking us to an early grave!  Individually and collectively.  This is a talk exploring human creativity, manifestation and understanding how these 'beast-like entities' have been created, energetically speaking, and what can be done about them, practically speaking.

Sharing the Earth’s Dream – The Living Stones
The Earth has a Dream.  It is a living, breathing dream that makes up our entire ever-changing environment – including us.  Many would have it that we are visitors to this planet and while this may be true of some of our inhabiting awareness’, there is not a single human body on the planet that is not made of ‘Earth-Stuff.’ 

In this event we explore the role each of us has in that Dream, and what role the human race itself plays.  Here you will find secrets of Evolution, how ‘reincarnation’ works and why it happens, why we sleep and even why our feet are called feet! 

The Science of Sound
There is a new science emerging, one which is as revealing and as empowering as ‘normal science’.  This science is the science of sound, only it isn’t about frequencies and vibrations, it’s about words, shapes and symbols, and it relates to our use of language.  The very fabric of our reality has words as its walls and ceiling, when you read a new book, or hear a new idea, the walls may shift and the ceiling may lift somewhat, but they are still walls, and it is still a ceiling.  Using the Science of Sound, you learn to gradually dismantle the wall and deconstruct the ceiling, recouping all the energy and materials used in their construction.  This is the true meaning of‘Free your Mind’ and isn’t about expanding horizons, but about removing limiting mental ideas, structures, beliefs and perceptions – which is much more powerful!

The Art of ‘Spell’ing
We spell all our words because all our words are really ‘Spells’.  Some are virtually powerless, yet others are steeped in potency. Some are used to liberate, others to control, others yet again are somehow wrong:....mis-spelled. They are used to misdirect, to mislead and to control and contain. In this event we explore some everyday ‘spells’ which can reveal deep meaning, and others which reveal misdirection.  Learn how words work in our subconscious, learn what makes some ‘spells’ more powerful than others, and finally understand why all the great texts tell us to be careful with our words!



Crystals are an amazing natural resource, covering a whole spectrum of colours and shapes. Used for millennia for a multitude of purposes. My interest in crystals is sparked by the energies they possess, and their pure natural beauty. Each different crystal imbues subtle changes to the body’s energy field;  with some resonating calming energies; and others high frequency energies, like a static charge to the body.

This  talk is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with a multitude of different crystal energies, to be able to hold, meditate and examine crystals from all over the world.  I will also endeavour to answer any questions, regarding the crystals on show; or advise on crystals for healing purposes.

Crystal Awareness