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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Shamania Festival Stalls


Lotus Gecko
lotus gecko fair trade is a small Yorkshire based company, importing Himalayan wool, silk, hemp and cotton goods and trading at festivals around the UK since 2001. We are keen to promote ethical trading and make sure that our things are made by small, family businesses. No child labour, no middlemen and a fair price paid. Buying directly from small family businesses ensures that they get a fair deal, cutting out big money interests and middle-men. lotus gecko was established with this core philosophy in mind. Our woollens, for example, are knitted in villager’s homes around the Kathmandu valley while embroidery is all done in one small family shop by our friends. Fabric products carry the lotus gecko label.

Lotus gecko

Our main items include: -

Tie-dye t-shirts: We are known especially for our original tie-dyed, hand-embroidered t-shirts and sew-on patches. Themes range from classic Asian and Tibetan motifs, oms, ying yangs, dragons, mandalas, etc. to our own original and popular designs, such as Freak Brothers, Fat Freddys Cat, VW Van, Green Man and over 200 others, with a few choice album covers thrown in… This is the best embroidery of its type available. Colour-fast and UV-sensitive threads, 100% cotton shirts. Himalayan yak wool jackets: hats, jumpers, socks, and scarves. Cotton clothing: unisex cotton jackets, shirts, kurtas and tops, lots for men. Cotton wall throws from India. Fair trade bags and purses: made exclusively by our friends in Kathmandu. Lots of materials and styles: Highest quality hemp, cotton, and recycled silk. Lots of bright rainbow colours throughout…

We have an extensive traditional Himachal incense collection with Tibetan, Indian and Nepali style dhoop sticks, cones, ropes and chunks. Over 80 types to choose from, all chosen personally. Also Free Tibet and prayer flags, Buddhas & oriental charms, Tibetan curtains, lamp shades, stickers, beads, pipes… and loads more... Come by for a look and say hello. For more information please contact us. Paul & Chom Hindsley  12 Cousen Road, Bradford, W. Yorkshire, BD7 3JX     Tel. 01274 501243 (Home)
07817 224568 (Mobile)

Lotus Gecko


Rare Visionary and Psychotropic plants and herbs from around the globe.

Since the beginning of time, people all over the globe have worked with sacred herbs and plants of power, whether it be for healing, empowerment, to gain knowledge, or to break through the barriers of ordinary reality and to free the soul to travel within the boundless realms of the otherworld.
At the Shamans Apothecary we aim to help people become aquanted with the majik and wonder that Spirit Plants can offer, and to bring them into a relationship with some of the most powerful Allies to be found upon this planet today. At the Shamans Apothecary we have a
stock that covers all the major  and many of the minor power plants used by tribal and indigenous healers and shaman from around the globe. We hope that your visit to The Shamans Apothecary will
become a gateway for a deeper understanding  and relationship with the wonderful plants of power that we hold as sacred.


Pottery, Clubwear, Ornaments, Jewellery, Clothing, Smoking Parapernalia


Recycled Crafts – Coins & Cutlery. Leather Utility Belts, T-Shirts


Eastern Bazaar


Coconut Water & Jelly Coconuts!


Recycled  rubbish,  fluoro-trash trinkets and glowing  junk UV novelties.  Large selection of gew-gaws and shiny baubles to suit all tastes.


All shamandrums are handmade in our workshop, in Belgium, using diferent kinds of wood & skin and choosing from a variety of styles.

Shaman Drums Shaman Drums

Every shaman's drum has its own unique voice and has a different appearance.



Smoking parapernalia, Herbal Highs



Pipes and smoking accessories. We also have U.V. painted T -shirts and psy- trance CDs.


Smoking paraphernalia, Herbal highs, Healing herbs



Fair-trade crafts and hand-made goods



Purveyor of fair trade goods, handicrafts, (from keyrings, instruments, carvings, metalcrafts, ceramics) bags, incense etc. when available items made from recycled materials, and products made by exiled Tibetan monks. 

March 2007 started trading in fair trade as I am very anti supermarkets, large corporate businesses(especially American owned) etc.  Would like to import myself, possibly the Phillipines would be first place

Handicrafts - A unique range of decorative and ethnic handicrafts from around the world. Everything has been selected or commissioned directly from the artist or craftsman at source in the country of origin. Many of the products are hand-carved in wood. Most are original creations by individual craftsmen and women - while others are the products of family co-operatives and small village-based cottage industries. Most items are purely decorative or domestic in nature, but some are traditional.  None of the products are made by children. The aim is to provide long-term employment for as many people as possible, currently provides well-paid regular work for about 200 families.

Bags - Association of Craft Producers is a truly inspiring organisation, they provide professional services in technology, design, marketing and managerial skill for over 1,200 low income, primarily female, craft producers. ACP are also committed to undertake precautionary measures to prevent industrial pollution for the preservation of Nepal's fragile environment.

Bags -Women’s Skills Development Project Established in 1975 the WSDP has always aimed to employ women who are most in need. Certain criteria were established from the very start, and the primary objective of the organization is still to provide handicraft-related skills training to poor, unfortunate Nepalese women so that they may become self-supportive. The women being trained at the Women’s Skills Development Project come from a variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them come from rural villages and are widowed, divorced, disabled or abused; some have been cast out from their homes and villages.

Bags – The Esther Benjamins Trust is the leading Registered Charity that works exclusively for deprived, disabled and stigmatised Nepalese Children.

Car stickers - The GuChuSum movement of Tibet was established on September 27, 1991 in Dharamsala, India by ex-political prisoners of the Tibetan freedom movement. Initially organised by monks, nuns, and lay people, the Gu-Chu-Sum Movement grew out of the earnest, heartfelt wish to help the suffering Tibetans remaining in prisons in Tibet and to provide needed support to ex-political prisoners who have journeyed into exile. Gu-Chu-Sum is endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Government-In-Exile, and the Indian Government. All 430 members of Gu-Chu-Sum are former political prisoners

Goloka Incense products support The Akshaya Patra Foundation. A charitable organisation that provides meals for Indian children in poor areas so that they are able to attend school to get a full education and to make sure they have a full and balanced diet. Without these meals many children would be forced to leave their schooling in order to do menial work or beg on the streets in order to be fed.

Sophie Lancaster Memorial Fund - wrist bands