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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Festival Campaigns


Tribal Survival

Aims of Fundraising:

1: A target fund of £3500 to provide four neighbouring communities in the Upper Amazon with a large canoe/launch and outboard motor.

2: Encourage the continued production of traditionally made Artesania  Handcrafted jewellery, rattles, bags, head-dresses etc are purchased at well above ‘fair-trade’ prices.  This supports use of natural jungle products on a long term sustainable basis.

3: Raise awareness of plight of tribes threatened by incursions on the rainforest.

How can it help

The launch will enable four Ashanincan communities to transport organically grown products (cacao, coffee, sesame, achiote, unas de gato) to market and save on excessive and uncertain transport costs.  It will also enable students to attend post 14 education in the nearest town (13 hours by boat).

Why does it matter

The Ashaninca in this region are striving to retain their culture and preserve the diversity of the rainforest.  As land available to them is shrinking under pressure of population and economic expansion of ‘our world’ they are trying to balance their traditional lifestyle with the environment as they enter the world economy.  The frontiers of forest destruction for agriculture, lumbering, coca growing etc is giving them few choices.  Furthermore, The tribal people can be easy targets for unethical businesses to exploit, so it is necessary for them to be able to trade on their own terms, something that will be made possible by the community ownership of a boat.

Traditionally they have a vast knowledge of all the trees and plants, as well as awareness of their use as foods, medicines, fibres and resins etc.  Their cultural integrity is based upon personal responsibility and recognition of the community needs.  Their ‘religeon’ is integrally bound with the rainforest through the sacred use of Ayahuasca. They use the power of plants to access a greater knowledge and understanding.

Tribal SurvivalTrival Survival

Tribal SurvivalTrival Survival



Suicide is the second biggest killer of men aged 15-35.  CALM, campaign against living miserably, is a charity aimed at encouraging young men to seek help when they’re down or depressed.  The charity grew out of a Dept of Health pilot, which was launched in Manchester in 1997, created because men traditionally don’t access any mental health services when they’re down. CALM was created as a ‘user friendly’ helpline, operating at a time convenient for young men with a service designed around their needs.

CALM has launched its service to the young men of East Lancs. It is funded by the East Lancs PCT; the charity will be promoting its message and website to young men and developing links with the lifestyle organisations and companies in the towns over the next weeks and months. 

CALM combines a mix of health care professionals alongside key figures from the music and entertainment industry. David Baddiel is one of our Patrons and Anthony Wilson was a founding Trustee.  The organisation has recruited the backing of agencies like Ogilvy, advisors like Louis Appleby (Mental Health Tsar), Prof Mark Bellis as well as music-orientated individuals like Emily Eavis (Glastonbury). Topman have recently come to the support of the campaign along with MTV Europe Foundation. Last Christmas CALM brought in the support of musicians like The Fratellis, Sasha, Newton Faulkner and James Zabiela who donated exclusive music to their online advent calendar.  Most recently Dizzee Rascal donated a track, ‘Dean’, to the campaign, and all proceeds from the video came to C.A.L.M.


CALM will be at the Shamania festival on the 2nd & 3rd August giving out their classic button badges, loom out for the C.A.L.M staff who will be out and about all day.

CALM is a registered charity in England & Wales, charity reg. no 1110621. 

The Helpline no is 0800 58 58 58 and is open from 5pm – midnight from Saturday – Tuesday.  Calls are free, from landlines, confidential and anonymous and operated by professionals able to provide advice support and information.


TOXIC SKIES - Spaceport 7
Rainbows and Unknown Pollution
What are the links to the continuing, disturbed weather patterns and meteorological quirks to the frequently observed, unmarked (mainly) white aircraft; seen and logged, spraying over Yorkshire and Lancashire, day and night; in particular, remote parts of the Pennines in the skies over West Yorkshire. Spaceport 7 has lots of data, to show something is not quite right in our skies; Video, photos from TV and news, plus internet and satellite imagery. Few people are aware of this, or at least give any thought to the possibility of artificial climate/weather control. The Media will not touch this subject. All is not well above!

Ahitated Sky

Spraying Spraying