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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Shamania Festival


The Shamania Festival 2008 is now over, news of the 2009 festival can be found on our home page


SUNRISE & KULU  - Psy-Trance Arena: (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Eatstatic,  Cosmosis,  Safi Connection,  Jon Phantasm,  Hydraglyph,  Dickster, Error Corrective,  M-Theory;  plus resident DJs from Sunrise,  Kulu,  Cabbage,  Alien Resonance,  Planet Zogg,  Fat Moon,  Soma-Sonic,  Mess Media,  Strange Daze,  Psy-Base


D.A.V.E. the Drummer (StayUpForever/Cluster/Hydraulix/Apex))
Adam Lab4 - DJ set
Chris Liberator (Cluster / StayUpForever  )
Sam Townsend (Tidy Trax/Shroom)
Sol Ray  (Escape from Samsara / Antiworld / Upfront)
Dynamic Intervention (Vicious Circle/Flashpoint/E-trax)
Mobile Dogwash - Live  (Cluster / StayUpForever / DIP)
Ron Atomizer  (Headcharge / Chase yer Tail)
Fil Bray  (Aura Orange / Men@Work / Noggins)
Ben Fraser - Live  (Sabre Tooth)
DJ Pod (Ripsnorter)
Greg Zogg (Planet Zogg)
Dil Zogg (Planet Zogg)
aNTAcid (NTA)
John Tuxman (Noggins)
Ashen Project

Plus Riff Raff DJs:
Selkirk,  Glowbones,  Oly NRG, Spiritus, Trikster,  Keith Fox, Will Power,
Ben Warren, & Anna P

On Saturday Afternoon we will be featuring, DJs from Trailer Trash;
Kim Trash, James Deane, Annie

The Riff Raff Off-licence facility will also be available, during the daytime!

Blackburn’s original underground DJs are back together for the 1st time since 1989, playing upbeat cutting-edge House
Rob Tissera - Kissdafunk (Leeds)
Shack & Kenny - Sett End Raves / Hacienda (Blackburn)
Easy-D -  Hacienda (Blackburn)
Craig C & DJ Rich – Carlos (Colne) / Hacienda (Blackburn)
Grant Holmes  - Fun-da’mental, Federation (Blackpool )

Friday 1st August, 2008
18:00-21:00     Dan Compression
21:00-00:00     Nanook

Saturday 2nd August 2008
00:00-03:00     Cosmonaughty
03:00-06:00     Gerry Aum
06:00-09:00     Bez23
09:00-12:00     Dj Badger
12:00-15:00     Goatboy
15:00-18:00     Johnny M
18:00-21:00     Barclay
21:00-00:00     J.I.C.

Sunday 3rd August 2008
00:00-02:00     Greg Hunter
02:00-04:00     Merv Pepler
04:00-07:00     OVNI
07:00-09:00     AstroDruid
09:00-12:00     Superboss
12:00-15:00     Si Splatt
15:00-16:30     Honky Dub Inc.
16:30-17:30     Synchronistic Sound
17:30-19:00     Tetchi